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Boost Your Business Growth with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Welcome to the launchpad of your business growth journey! Discover how the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) can fuel your ambition and power your business to the next level of success. Whether you’re planning to upgrade, innovate or venture overseas, our team at Conquest Creatives is here to guide you through the transformative process.

What is the Enterprise Development Grant?

The Enterprise Development Grant or EDG for short, is a strategic initiative by the Singapore Government that offers a powerful catalyst to accelerate your business growth. Designed to support your innovation and expansion efforts, this grant funds up to 50% of qualifying project costs, including consultancy fees, software, equipment, and even internal manpower costs. For sustainability-related projects, you could receive up to 70% support until March 31, 2026.

Building Core Capabilities

The EDG’s Core Capabilities category helps to prepare your business for growth and transformation. We offer expertise in crafting robust business strategies, enhancing financial management, nurturing human capital, achieving service excellence, and facilitating strategic brand and marketing development.

Innovate with Strategic Brand and Marketing Development

With a particular focus on ‘Strategic Brand and Marketing Development‘, we guide you in differentiating your brand, capturing your target audience, and extending your reach. Through a comprehensive gap analysis of your business, an in-depth assessment of internal and external factors, and a strategic marketing plan, we set the stage for your brand to make a powerful impact.

Simplified Application Process

Applying for the EDG can be effortless with our guidance. Simply identify your project category and lean on our accredited consultants to navigate the rest of the process. With our expert team at Conquest Creatives, we promise to make securing the EDG a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Swift Reimbursements

We understand the value of time and cash flow in business. With this understanding, we facilitate quick and efficient claim submissions to Enterprise Singapore, ensuring you get your grant reimbursements as swiftly as possible. Once all your project deliverables have been met, your claims can be submitted, freeing you to focus on what’s important – driving your business forward.

At Conquest Creatives, our certified consultants will help you conduct a thorough diagnosis and gap analysis of your company, assess internal and external factors, develop an effective brand strategy, assess your brand’s financial value and create a strategic plan to optimise marketing resources.

However, do note that the EDG does not cover the production of corporate and/or marketing collaterals or the implementation of marketing or PR campaigns.

EDG Grant Singapore (Enterprise Development Grant) infographics, simplified by Conquest Creatives
EDG Grant Singapore

How to Apply?

Just identify the project category you wish to apply for and reach out to us at Conquest Creatives. Our consultants, accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council, will guide you through the application process to tap into the EDG grant.

After the Project Completion

The EDG operates on a reimbursement basis. After the completion of your project, submit your claims to Enterprise Singapore within six months from the end of the project qualifying period.

With Conquest Creatives, we’ll ensure that your project deliverables are achieved, guide you in preparing necessary documents, help you select auditors, and guide you throughout the claim submission process. Our brand consultants will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Take the Next Step Towards Business Growth

Ready to ignite your business growth? Contact our team today! Let’s explore how we can leverage the Enterprise Development Grant to elevate your brand, innovate your business, and reach new heights.

Whether you’re a first-time applicant or have experience with the EDG, we’re here to make the process seamless and efficient. At Conquest Creatives, your growth is our mission. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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