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What is Illustration?

Illustration is a means of conveying information and ideas in the forms of images, paintings and drawings. Examples of illustrations include portraits, character art, background design and storyboarding. With the rise of digital media, illustration is usually divided into two main aspects: traditional illustration and digital illustration.

Traditional illustration comes in the form of traditional mediums like watercolour, charcoal, ink and pencil. Digital illustration usually comes in the form of software tools and digital tablets.

Services We Provide

Our talented team of illustrators work closely with you to create tailor-made illustrations that align with your brand’s unique vision and messaging.

Book Illustration

Book Illustration

Book illustration can come in the form of story books, children’s books, and e-books. Book illustrations are representative of the setting, background and characters involved in the story’s plot. This is paramount to attracting the reader’s attention to draw them in. The book illustration (front and back cover) are usually the first point of contact between the author and the readers.

Game Illustration

Game illustration consists of a combination of character design, props, scenery and environments. Game illustration is usually used for both 2D and 3D games, and more recently, the Metaverse. Some genres that require game illustration include sci-fi, fantasy and board games.
Game Illustration Singapore
Character Illustration Singapore

Character Illustration

Character illustration can range in the form of concept design for games to fashion design, software and social applications. Such illustrations are meant to tell a story and portray the unique personality of each character.

Storyboard Illustration

Storyboard illustrations are usually used prior to producing a video. Elements in a story board illustration include the storyline, plot development, timestamps and SFX. An effective storyboard is able to communicate messages to the director foreasy interpretations during production. Video editors are better equipped to edit according to directions of the storyboard.
Storyboard Illustration Singapore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out our works at Please schedule a consultation to find out a full list of our works.

Yes, we definitely can advise you! Schedule your complimentary** 60 minute consultation with us to find out more on how we can best achieve your needs.

**Only available for first time customers

The process begins with discussing the project requirements, including the style of illustration, project timeline, and budget. We will then typically create some sketches or concept art. After you approve a concept, we’ll create the final artwork to your satisfaction.
While both graphic design and illustration involve creating visuals, they serve different purposes. Graphic design often focuses on using existing visual elements (like typography, shapes, and colours) to communicate specific messages, whereas illustration typically involves creating original artwork to complement or enhance text or to visually represent an idea or concept.

Yes, of course! We’ll have a dedicated creative lead for every project.

To ensure the best outcome, provide a clear brief that includes details about the style and tone of the illustration, the intended audience, the format and size requirements, any deadlines and specific details about the content you want to be illustrated. Visual references will also be helpful.

Final deliverables usually include the finished artwork in a digital format (such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, or a source file like AI or PSD, depending on your agreement). If the work is for print, we would also provide a high-resolution, print-ready file.
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