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Ahrefs SEO Conference 2023 Presentation Deck Design

Presentation Deck

Ahrefs, a globally renowned creator of SEO tools and educational materials, is bringing the spotlight on the ever-evolving domain of Search Engine Optimisation through the inaugural Singapore SEO Conference 2023. This event is a golden ticket for over 200 digital marketers to unravel the mysteries of SEO, gain exclusive insights from the industry’s crème de la crème, and forge connections that could redefine the digital marketing landscape.

SEO Conference 2023 Singapore - SEO Summit 2023 organised by Aherfs
Ahrefs Singapore SEO Summit 2023

Background of Ahrefs SEO Conference:

Ahrefs is organising the very first SEO-focused conference in Singapore named Singapore SEO Summit 2023. Scheduled for 26 October 2023, the event will showcase 13 speaker sessions and anticipates an attendance of over 200 digital marketers.The summit aims to provide exclusive insights from the best SEOs in the country, discuss the latest industry trends, and equip attendees with actionable knowledge and connections.

Mockup 1 of Ahrefs SEO Conference 2023 (also known as Singapore SEO Summit 2023) Presentation Deck Design by Conquest Creatives.

Ahrefs SEO Conference 2023 Objective:

To design a compelling and informative presentation deck that aligns with the speaker’s brand identity, effectively communicates the essence of the SEO Conference, and engages the audience by highlighting the key themes, speakers, and opportunities the event offers.

Target Audience:

  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO Professionals
  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Owners interested in SEO

Key Components:

1. Cover Slide:

  • Event Title
  • Ahrefs Logo
  • Visually appealing graphics representing SEO and Content Topic

2. Research Methodology

  • Keyword Research
  • Screenshots from Ahrefs software (indicating the workflow process)

3. Competitor’s Analysis

  • Identifying the main competitors ranking on the 1st Page of Google 
  • Relevant Screenshots from Ahrefs software

4. Visually Appealing Infographics 

  • To be inserted where applicable

5. Q&A/Interaction Slide

  • Encourage audience participation
  • Information on how to ask questions or interact during the summit

6. Closing Slide:

  • Thank you note
  • Contact details for further inquiries
Mockup 3 of Ahrefs SEO Conference 2023 (also known as Singapore SEO Summit 2023) Presentation Deck Design by Conquest Creatives

Design Guidelines:

Colours & Fonts: Use darker/more muted colours and fonts to maintain consistency.
Imagery: Incorporate high-quality, relevant images and graphics to create visual interest.
Consistency: Ensure a cohesive design throughout the deck with consistent use of fonts, colours, and imagery.
Clarity & Readability: Information should be concise, clear, and easily readable.
Interactivity: Consider the possibility of interactive elements, such as clickable links, for the digital version of the deck.


First Draft: 2 weeks from project start date
Revisions: 1 week after receiving the first draft
Final Delivery: 2 weeks before the event date


  • Final Presentation Deck in PowerPoint Format (.pptx)
  • PDF version of the Presentation Deck
  • Working Files (in A.I)
  • Image and Graphics Assets

This presentation deck will serve as a vital tool to communicate the content topic being shared at the Ahrefs SEO Summit 2023 to potential attendees and stakeholders. The design should be in line with the content topic and visually engaging to effectively convey the excitement and significance of this inaugural event.

Ahrefs SEO Conference 2023 Presentation Deck Design by Conquest Creatives

Final Words

In the rapidly evolving realm of digital marketing, the Singapore SEO Summit 2023, organised by Ahrefs, stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. This monumental event promises to not only uplift the digital marketing community but also leave an indelible mark on the SEO landscape.

At Conquest Creatives, we’re thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming conference not just as attendees, but also as guest speakers. We’re eager to share our insights, experiences, and the innovative strategies that have been the cornerstone of our success in the creative industry. It’s an honour to take the stage among other industry luminaries, and we look forward to fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations with fellow professionals in the realm. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the creative world and explore new horizons together.

As we sign off on this brief, let it be known that this isn’t just another project; it’s a beacon for the future of SEO. The horizon is vast, but with the perfect blend of ingenuity and craftsmanship, the Singapore SEO Summit 2023 is set to become a beacon for those charting the future of digital landscapes. Onwards and upwards, to where creativity meets opportunity and dreams take flight!

Interested in forging digital collaborations? Contact us for more details.

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