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DUO Residences Customised Envelope Design

Envelope Design

DUO Residences, a landmark of luxury and innovation, encompasses an awe-inspiring blend of residential, commercial, and office spaces. Nestled within its iconic 49-story residential tower are 660 exquisitely designed units, ranging from cosy studios to lavish penthouses, each reflecting the epitome of modern living. With its adjacent tower hosting a 5-star hotel and premium office spaces, and a sprawling retail podium, DUO stands as a beacon of architectural marvel and lifestyle excellence.

DUO Residences Logo

Recognising our agency’s reputation for creating customised and sophisticated design elements, DUO Residences has entrusted Conquest Creatives with the task of elevating their resident communications through envelopes that are not just carriers of information, but also ambassadors of the DUO brand. This project is an exciting opportunity for us to blend creativity with elegance, encapsulating the essence of DUO’s luxurious and diverse community in every fold and crease of our designs.

DUO Residences Customised Envelope Design Project Overview:

DUO Residences Condo
DUO Residences Condo (Aerial View)

DUO Residences, a prominent mixed-use development, seeks to commission a custom envelope design. This project aims to reflect the unique identity and luxurious nature of the DUO complex, which combines residential, commercial, and office spaces. The custom envelopes will serve the 660 residential units, enhancing the residents’ experience and reinforcing DUO’s brand image.

DUO Residences Lobby
DUO Residences Lobby

Project Objectives:

  • To create a customised envelope design that resonates with DUO Residences’ sophisticated and modern aesthetic.
  • To ensure the design is versatile enough to cater to various residential segments, from studio apartments to penthouses.
  • To reflect the high quality of DUO’s facilities and amenities in the envelope design.
DUO Residences Front Desk
DUO Residences Front Desk

Target Audience:

Residents of DUO Residences, ranging from individuals and couples in studio and 1-2 bedroom units (with optional study spaces) to families and high-net-worth individuals in larger 3-4 bedroom apartments and penthouses.

DUO Residences Custom Envelope Concept 1
DUO Residences Custom Envelope Concept 1

Design Requirements:

  • The design should encapsulate the essence of DUO’s architectural uniqueness, possibly incorporating elements inspired by its 49-story residential tower and the surrounding complex.
  • Aesthetic elements should utilise the hexagonal shapes as per the building infrastructure, while adhering to the internal brand guidelines
  • The design should be adaptable, suitable for various occasions and communications – from official notices to festive greetings.
  • Preferred font choice – ‘Raleway’
DUO Residences Custom Envelope Concept 2
DUO Residences Custom Envelope Concept 2

Style and Tone:

  • Modern and elegant, with a nod to sophistication and exclusivity.
  • A colour palette that aligns with DUO’s branding but also adds a fresh perspective.
  • Imagery or patterns that reflect the lifestyle offered by DUO, such as splashes of gold and brown hue in the Level 2 reception
DUO Residences Custom Envelope (Edits)
DUO Residences Custom Envelope Concept (Editing Phase)

Final Deliverables:

  • Final design files in multiple formats (AI, PDF).
  • Mock-ups showing the design applied to physical envelopes.
DUO Residences Custom Envelope (Finalised 1)
DUO Residences Custom Envelope (Finalised 1)


  • Initial design concepts to be presented within 2 weeks of project initiation.
  • Final design to be approved within 4 weeks of project initiation.

This project provides a unique opportunity to create a tangible touchpoint that resonates with the elegance and exclusivity of DUO Residences, enhancing the day-to-day experience of its residents. As the client really liked both concepts, our design team provided them with both finalised concepts exported in the relevant formats.

DUO Residences Custom Envelope (Finalised 2)
DUO Residences Custom Envelope (Finalised 2)

Final Words

As we bring the DUO Residences envelope design project to a close, we stand back to admire the fusion of elegance, functionality, and brand storytelling encapsulated in each envelope. Our design journey with DUO Residences has been one of collaborative creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the luxury and sophistication that define their brand.

The final designs are not just envelopes; they are masterpieces of branding – sleek, modern, and resonant with the high standards of DUO Residences. Each envelope, now an ambassador of the DUO brand, carries with it an air of exclusivity and prestige, elevating the everyday experience of communication for its residents.

Connect with us to explore how we can collaborate to create customised design solutions that speak volumes about your brand’s identity and values. Let us help you make every interaction with your audience a memorable and impactful one. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey to elevate your brand’s presence in every detail.

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