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Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design

Name Card Design

In the bustling digital scape where content is king and brands continuously vie for attention, there stands Kyyte – a content marketing and copywriting gem based out of Singapore. Their mission? To craft compelling narratives that resonate, engage, and convert. Recognising the artistry and flair in corporate designs that Conquest Creatives consistently delivers, Kyyte has reached out to us. They seek a corporate name card design that mirrors their brand’s dynamism and global appeal. As we embark on this journey with Kyyte, our goal is to encapsulate their essence and ethos into a card – a piece of brand identity that leaves a lasting imprint.

Background of Kyyte:

Kyyte is a vibrant content marketing and copywriting agency based in Singapore. While the heart of the company lies in this dynamic city, the agency’s reach extends far beyond. With a strong belief in organic brand building and delivering compelling content, Kyyte stands as a beacon for brands looking to truly shine.

Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design (Front View)
Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design (Front View)

Project Objective:

Design a corporate name card that embodies the essence of Kyyte and is memorable to those who receive it. The card should represent the brand’s dedication to engaging content and its international clientele base.

Design Specifications:

a. Card Dimensions: Standard business card size (3.5″ x 2″)

b. Font Style: Modern yet professional. Should evoke a sense of creativity without compromising clarity.

c. Colour Palette:

Primary Colours: Representative of the brand’s identity, preferably shades that echo trust, creativity, and approachability.
Secondary Colours: Complementary shades to accentuate details.

d. Logo: Place Kyyte’s logo prominently, ensuring it’s easily recognisable.

e. Content to include:

  • Company’s Name: Kyyte
  • Tagline: ‘Content Marketing that Flies’
  • Business Address
  • Contact Details: Email and Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Service Offerings

Tone & Feel:

Professional: It’s a corporate card, so professionalism is key.
Modern: A reflection of current design trends and Kyyte’s forward-thinking approach.
Inviting: The design should encourage the recipient to reach out and collaborate with Kyyte.

Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design (Back View)
Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design (Back View)


Initial design mockups: Provide 3 different design concepts.
Final Design: Once a concept is approved, deliver high-resolution print-ready files in AI, EPS, PDF, and JPEG formats.
A 3D mockup of the business card for presentation purposes.


Initial Design Mockups: Within 7 days from the project’s commencement.
Feedback Round: 3 days after initial mockups are presented.
Final Design Delivery: 4 days after feedback is provided.

Kyyte’s corporate name card should serve as a pocket-sized reflection of its brand ethos. It’s not just about sharing contact details, but showcasing a partnership promise and a global perspective, all bundled in a modern and professional design.

As we draw this project to a close, we’re reminded of the synergy between compelling content and captivating design. Kyyte’s commitment to resonating with audiences globally and Conquest Creatives’ prowess in design have converged to bring forth a corporate name card that doesn’t merely share information, but tells a story. This collaboration stands as a testament to the magic that ensues when two passionate entities come together with a shared vision. As Kyyte continues to illuminate the content world, we are confident that this new piece of brand identity will be a beacon of their commitment, quality, and global outreach. 

Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design Mockup (Front View and Back View)
Kyyte Corporate Name Card Design Mockup (Front and Back View)

Final Words

Dive into a realm where design meets distinction at Conquest Creatives. In today’s saturated market, your brand needs more than just a presence; it requires a personality, a voice, and an indelible mark. Leveraging a unique blend of artistic flair and strategic insight, our corporate design and branding services sculpt identities that don’t just occupy space but dominate it. Whether you’re launching a new venture or reinvigorating an established name, let us craft your brand’s story in ways that captivate, resonate, and inspire. Why blend in when you were meant to stand out? Reach out to Conquest Creatives today and let’s embark on a transformative journey, crafting a brand legacy that lingers.

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