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Pricewater Capital Logo Design

Logo Design

Creative Brief for Pricewater Capital Logo Design

The accounting and financial industry can be regarded as a very specialised area that might be closed off from the public. Design work done for companies that provide financial services has to be professional and communicate a strong sense of authority and trustworthiness, while maintaining a strong and sturdy brand perception.

Based in New York, Pricewater Capital is a client driven full service financial services firm that specialises in Personal Credit Repair, Credit Education and Financial Planning. The client was in need of a logo refresh in order to appeal to potential clients in need of financial services in New York and surrounding regions. 

Creative Direction

Important considerations included:

  • The logo should have a professional, elegant and clean design that conveys the trustworthiness of Pricewater Capital as a financial services firm.
  • The design should be modern and visually appealing to attract potential clients.
  • The design should feature the element of water and a lighthouse.
  • The logo would be replicated across various marketing collateral, including the company’s website, business cards, and company stationery.
Pricewater Capital Logo Colour Exploration
Pricewater Capital Logo Colour Exploration

Bearing the above in mind, we opted for a classic customised vector icon for the logo design. Utilising negative space, we created a lighthouse in the centre of a circle, standing high on top of waves which resulted in a unique emblem. We placed Pricewater Capital in a luxurious font underneath the icon. This creates a cohesive and visually interesting design that is memorable and easily recognisable.

Pricewater Capital Logo Design (Final)
Pricewater Capital Final Logo Design

The use of blue as a brand colour conveys a sense of stability and professionalism. Blue is often associated with these qualities in the business world, making it a fitting choice for a financial services company. The colour blue is often associated with key elements of security. For instance, the general red and blue beacons and lightbars found on top of ambulance and police cars. Blue can also be used to convey a sense of peace and relaxation, again communicating the essence of Pricewater Capital and their assurance to provide the best for their clients. 

Using white in the logo provides a distinct contrast for the company’s branding. White often evokes ideas of purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. It is also often associated with lilies and its relation to a rejuvenation of the soul. They can represent purity, commitment and rebirth and in our case, this colour is used in relation to the continued dedication that Pricewater Capital has towards their clients. Clients can also be confident in knowing that engaging with Pricewater Capital is a simple and hassle-free process, tying back to the brand’s promise of reliability.

The tranquillity and calmness of the white is complemented with the strong and steady outlook with the arms of good financial service (blue), thus envisioning our team’s use of these two colours.

Further honing in on the concept of stability and direction, the iconography of the lighthouse is meant to portray how Pricewater Capital prides itself as the leading provider for financial services, and delivering on their promise of guiding their clients through any situation. The lights coming from the lighthouse are shining in both directions, demonstrating the vast number of financial services that the company provides. Despite the roaring waves below, the lighthouse still stands firm, again emphasising on the solid principles that the company is based on.

In terms of design dimensions, we’ve decided to fit the classy logo design within a rectangular boundary so that it can be replicated nicely across all of Pricewater Capital’s business collateral, such as letterheads, name cards and email signature. Furthermore, the iconography of Pricewater Capital is able to be used independently from the company name. This provides flexibility for the company in using the singular icon as an alternative for their logo branding.


Through the refresh of the logo, Pricewater Capital refreshed their brand outlook and is now able to better communicate their services to potential clients. They are now able to portray their brand in a strong and commanding manner while maintaining a refreshing and sleek brand presence.

Our promise to all clients: Conquest Creatives is committed to maintaining and up-keeping a strong brand image while maintaining a sense of fortitude in the face of adversity.

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