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The Grange Institution Customised Packaging Design Graduation Gift


In a noteworthy collaboration, The Grange Institution, a prestigious international school nestled in the heart of Singapore, has enlisted the expertise of Conquest Creatives for a special project that promises to leave a lasting impression. Known for their unwavering commitment to providing a dynamic and innovative learning environment, The Grange is reaching out to celebrate the achievements of their young graduates through a unique gesture—a customised packaging design graduation gift, crafted to perfection.

Conquest Creatives, with their stellar reputation in corporate design services, has been chosen as the partner of choice to bring this vision to life. The task at hand is to encapsulate the essence of The Grange’s values—excellence, respect, responsibility, and innovation—into a tangible form, creating a packaging design that resonates with young students, while paying tribute to the institution’s strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design (Front View)
Customised Packaging Design Mockup (Front View)

The design theme, inspired by the playful and delightful appearance of a donut take-away box, aims to infuse a sense of joy and celebration into the graduation ceremony. The goal is not just to create a box, but to craft an experience, a keepsake that embodies the students’ journey and achievements during their time at The Grange.

With this collaboration, Conquest Creatives is set to demonstrate their creative prowess, expertise, and passion for design, ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds expectations, bringing joy to the young graduates and proudly showcasing the values and spirit of The Grange Institution. The stage is set for a journey of innovation and creativity, as Conquest Creatives takes on the challenge of creating something truly extraordinary.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design Template Concept 1 Version 1

Customised Packaging Design Overview:

This project involves the creation of a unique and memorable packaging design for graduation gifts intended for students of The Grange Institution. The design will emulate the appearance of a donut take-away box, adding a playful and delightful twist to the graduation celebration.

Project Objectives

  • To design a packaging that is visually appealing to children aged 6, as part of the graduating kindergarten programme of The Grange Institution.
  • To incorporate elements that resonate with the institution’s values of excellence, respect, responsibility, and innovation.
  • To highlight The Grange’s commitment to sustainability and its recognition in environmental initiatives.
  • To ensure the packaging is practical, easy to handle, and safe for children.
  • To create a design that fosters a sense of belonging and celebrates the students’ achievements and time at The Grange.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for this project is the graduating batch of students of The Grange Institution, aged 6 years old. The design should also appeal to the parents and the school’s community, reflecting the institution’s values and achievements.

Design Requirements

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design Template Concept  1 Version 2


Theme: The packaging should emulate a donut take-away box, incorporating playful and colourful elements.
Brand Integration: Include The Grange Institution’s logo, colours, and any other brand elements to ensure consistency and brand recognition.
Sustainability: Design should reflect the school’s commitment to sustainability, possibly through the use of eco-friendly materials or sustainable design practices.


Size: The packaging should be of appropriate size to hold a standard graduation gift, ensuring it is not too bulky for young children to handle.
Material: Preferably made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, considering the school’s environmental initiatives.
Safety: Ensure that the packaging is safe for use by children, with no sharp edges or small parts that could pose a choking hazard.
Ease of Use: The packaging should be easy to open and close, accommodating the children’s age and abilities.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design Template Concept 2 Version 1


The project is expected to kick off immediately upon approval of this brief, with a projected completion date within 4 – 5 weeks. This timeline allows for sufficient design, prototyping, and production phases to ensure quality results.


Initial Design Concepts: A minimum of three design concepts for review and selection.
Final Design: Based on feedback, a finalised packaging design ready for production.
Working Files: Working Files will also be provided for the print vendor, to expedite and streamline the printing process.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design Template Concept 2 Version 2

Creative Process

The creative journey for designing the customised packaging for The Grange Institution’s graduation gift was both meticulous and imaginative, ensuring every detail resonated with the youthful and vibrant spirit of the students while aligning with the institution’s values.


The concept was clear from the onset: to craft a design that seamlessly blends the joyous theme of a donut box with the celebratory essence of a graduation. The central visual element is a playful and charming illustration of a main donut adorned with a graduation cap, jubilantly holding a graduation scroll tied with a colourful ribbon. This vibrant image sets the tone for the entire design, embodying both the celebratory nature of graduation and the playful spirit of the children.

4 initial Concept Illustrations of the donuts
Initial Conceptualisation & illustration

Drafting and Illustration

Our artists dove into the creative process, illustrating four distinct drafts of the main donut character. Each draft explored various expressions, postures, and details to capture the perfect balance of joy, achievement, and thematic relevance. After extensive deliberation and refinement, the final donut was rendered to perfection, encapsulating the joyous moment of graduation with a playful twist.

Colour Selection and Design Consistency

Using the finalised donut illustration as a basis, the colour palette for the overall packaging was carefully selected to ensure design consistency and thematic resonance. The rest of the box features a delicious array of frosted cream and sprinkles, maintaining the donut theme throughout. Mini donuts are featured in a pattern-like format, creating a visual feast and ensuring every inch of the packaging is imbued with celebration and fun.

Final Donut Illustration
Chosen Donut Illustration (After Refinement)

Text Integration

To add a personal and heartfelt touch, the packaging proudly displays the text: ‘2023 K2 Graduation – Donut Forget Me,’ followed by a warm congratulation: ‘Congratulations on glazing through kindergarten’ This text ensures the packaging is not just visually delightful but also carries a message of achievement, encouragement, and fond remembrance.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design Chosen Concept
Final Chosen Concept and Illustration

Creative Direction and Revisions

Two initial concepts were proposed for the packaging’s creative direction, providing a range of options that encapsulated the project’s vision and goals. Through a collaborative and iterative process involving three rounds of revisions, feedback was meticulously incorporated, ensuring every detail was polished, and every element aligned with the desired outcome. This rigorous revision process was crucial in achieving a design that met the high standards of both The Grange Institution and Conquest Creatives, ensuring satisfaction and delight for the recipients.

The creative process for this project was a journey of exploration, refinement, and joy. From the initial drafts to the final design, every step was taken with care, precision, and a deep understanding of the project’s significance. The result is a packaging design that is not just a box but a keepsake, a token of achievement, and a burst of joyous celebration for every graduate of The Grange Institution.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design by Conquest Creatives Singapore
Mockup of Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design

This project aims to create a delightful and meaningful graduation gift packaging that reflects The Grange Institution’s values, commitment to excellence, and innovative approach to learning. The final design will celebrate the students’ achievements, instil a sense of belonging, and leave a lasting impression as they transition to their next educational journey.

Final Words

As Conquest Creatives draws the curtain on this momentous project, the journey of transforming a simple concept into a tangible masterpiece stands as a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and a shared vision. The bespoke packaging design, inspired by the whimsical charm of a donut take-away box, is not just a container—it is a vessel of memories, a celebration of achievements, and a symbol of the extraordinary journey each student has embarked upon at The Grange Institution.

In the heart of this creation lies the essence of The Grange—values of excellence, respect, responsibility, and innovation seamlessly woven into every fold, every colour, and every design element. The packaging speaks not just to the children who will receive it with beaming smiles and sparkling eyes but also resonates with the institution’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, echoing The Grange’s role as a trailblazer in environmental stewardship.

The Grange Institution Graduation Gift Customised Packaging Design (Back View)
Customised Packaging Design Mockup (Back View)

Embarking on this creative journey with The Grange Institution has not only been a fulfilling endeavour for us at Conquest Creatives but also a brilliant showcase of our capabilities in corporate design and branding services. If you are inspired by this project and eager to elevate your brand’s presence, we invite you to connect with us. Our team of dedicated and innovative designers are ready to bring your vision to life, crafting bespoke solutions that seamlessly blend creativity, functionality, and brand identity.

Whether it’s a customised packaging design, a comprehensive branding overhaul, or creating compelling visual narratives, our expertise is at your disposal to create impactful and lasting impressions. Reach out to Conquest Creatives, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your brand, captivate your audience, and set a new standard in design excellence.

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