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The Grange Institution Yearbook Illustration


In the ever-evolving tapestry of education, certain moments and milestones remain etched in memory, preserved for posterity in tangible keepsakes like yearbooks. Understanding the profound weight such a memento holds, The Grange Institution, a beacon of progressive education, sought out the expertise of Conquest Creatives. Recognising our reputation for weaving narratives through corporate illustration, they have entrusted us with the extensive task of encapsulating the ethos, emotions, and experiences of their student body into a yearbook illustration. It is not merely an illustration; it’s a testament to a year of exploration, growth, and camaraderie. Join us on this illustrious journey as we craft a visual symphony that resonates with every heartbeat of The Grange Institution.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Initial Concepts of 4 Students
Initial Sketches

Yearbook Illustration Overview:

The Grange Institution has embarked on a significant project to design an evocative yearbook illustration that encapsulates the sentiments and values of its students. The final illustration will be featured on the front and back covers of the 2023 yearbook, a keepsake intended to be distributed to every student.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Initial Concepts of 4 Students, refining the sketch
Refining the Sketches

Project Objectives:

Capture Student Sentiments: Utilise sketches and drawings provided by the students to ensure authenticity and emotional resonance.
Evoke Key Themes: Celebrate diversity, harmony with nature, and the strong bonds of family.
Enhance and Elevate: While staying true to the students’ style, improve upon their drawings to produce a professional yet heartfelt illustration.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - refinement Progress
Further Refinements (WIP)


The yearbook illustration is more than just artwork; it symbolises the students’ journey, emotions, and memories at The Grange Institution. This keepsake will be cherished by students and parents alike, acting as a tangible representation of their time and growth within the institution. Given its significance, it’s imperative that the artwork encapsulates these profound sentiments, making it a memorable piece for years to come.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Front and Back Cover Sketch
Front and Back Cover Mockup Progress


Front Cover:

Integrated Elements: Incorporate elements from the students’ sketches such as harmonious interaction between diverse races, national flags, sustainability themes, and the Grange Institution representation.
Border: Retain the exterior border of characters as drawn by students.
Logo: Place the Grange Institution logo prominently at the top centre of the cover.
Title: ‘Yearbook 2023: We Are The Grange’

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Front and Back Cover Sketch part 2
Refining the Back Cover

Back Cover:

Thematic Elements: General elements with an emphasis on floral designs, maintaining consistency with the front cover’s aesthetics.
Artist’s Creative Input: Freedom to incorporate elements that resonate with the themes of diversity, environmental harmony, and family.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Front and Back Cover Sketch part 3
Filling in the Colours

Overall Artistic Style:

Digital Illustration: Opt for a somewhat anime/chibi style.
Fidelity to Student’s Drawings: Improve while staying true to their authentic, childlike (but not childish) style.
Rendering: Light on shading, avoid over-complicated rendering. Use textured brushes for an organic and expressive feel.
Emotion and Message:The illustration should capture the joy, imagination, and warmth that students associate with their time at The Grange Institution.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Front and Back Cover filling in the background colours
Applying the Final Touches

Main Features:

The four students depicted in the image should be central to the design.

Creative Direction and Themes:

Diversity: Celebrating the multicultural and multinational tapestry of the student body.
Harmony with Nature: Emphasising eco-friendliness, sustainability, and environmental care.
Family: Underlining the deep emotional connections and bonds formed within the school community.

The Grange Institution Yearbook design - Front and Back Cover final output
Finalised Front and Back Cover for Yearbook Illustration


Preliminary sketch (front cover): 13th or 14th September
Preliminary sketch (back cover): 18th September
Sketch revisions: Week of 18th to 22nd September
Revised sketch presentations: 25th or 26th September
Flats in drawings: 2nd October
Rough rendering (Final revisions, if any): 6th October
Final drawing/output/file preparation: No later than 13th October

Note: Revisions will solely be undertaken during the ideation and drafting phase prior to full rendering.

The Grange Institution Yearbook Illustration 2023 front cover mockup by Conquest Creatives
Front Cover Mockup

As the final brush strokes are laid down and our collaborative journey with The Grange Institution draws to a close, we find ourselves not at an end, but a new beginning. The yearbook illustration, teeming with vibrant memories and tales of a year gone by, stands as a testament to the boundless spirit of the students and the nurturing environment of the institution.

The Grange Institution Yearbook Illustration 2023 back cover mockup by Conquest Creatives
Back Cover Mockup

At Conquest Creatives, we are deeply honoured to have been a part of this creative voyage. We believe that every page turned will not just recount events, but rekindle emotions, making the yearbook a treasured keepsake for years to come. May this artwork be a beacon, illuminating the cherished moments of 2023, and inviting countless more adventures in the years ahead.

The Grange Institution Yearbook Illustration 2023 full mockup by Conquest Creatives
Front and Back Cover Mockup

Final Words

Stepping beyond the portals of The Grange Institution, Conquest Creatives continues its journey of turning visions into vibrant visuals. Every brand has a story waiting to be told, and with our seasoned expertise in corporate design and branding, we are here to narrate yours. From the embryonic idea to the finished masterpiece, our commitment to excellence ensures your brand stands out, resonates, and captivates. If you’re seeking to weave your corporate identity into a compelling tapestry or craft a brand narrative that leaves an indelible mark, then it’s time we embark on this creative expedition together. Reach out, and let’s collaborate and make your vision a reality. 

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